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United Way of Central Maryland is seeking an experienced professional with strong analytic/data synthesis skills, meeting facilitation experience, and the ability to train others to work with student data. This position provides a unique opportunity to join the United Way On Track 4 Success team, a fast-paced, collaborative group that is committed to engaging school staff teams at multiple schools, training them to effectively utilize data to identify students who are struggling in school and work together to rapidly respond with tailored interventions. 

United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM) promotes equity, creates opportunity, and improves lives. Our 95 years of service to the people of Greater Baltimore have taught us what it takes to change our region for the better. We strengthen families and communities by taking on systemic challenges and increasing access to basic needs- health, housing, employment, education, and more. 

On Track 4 Success is a collaborative approach among educators, administrators, and community partners, committed to using data effectively to keep students on the pathway to school success and high school graduation. The goal of the program is to build school capacity for this work and then transition United Way staff out and on to additional schools once the school is able to sustain the program on their own, or with limited assistance. As a member of the On Track 4 Success team, the School Staff Trainer/Data Coach will train key school staff (administrators, teachers and other school support staff) at multiple schools in virtual and in-person settings, and help build a network across neighborhood schools to effectively share best practices and key findings.  

The School Staff Trainer/Data Coach will also work with internal staff throughout United Way of Central Maryland and amongst school partners/potential partners to help schools access available resources to support their students and families. 


Training/Program Implementation 

  • Introduce the On Track 4 Success model to school staff demonstrating the appropriate use of data in schools to assess each student and their needs, and work collaboratively to develop and implement interventions when students are struggling, regardless of the challenges they face. 

  • Train multiple cross-functional school teams of teachers, administrators, social workers, school counselors, etc. with varying backgrounds and degrees of experience in data analysis and reporting. 

  • Coach these school teams in applying knowledge gleaned from data in the development of interventions to support struggling students. 

  • Facilitate bi-weekly On Track 4 Success meetings, discussing students whose data show they are off-track for school success, and train team members on meeting roles. 

  • Train administrators to allow for flexibility and empower school teams to try out different interventions to learn what works best with different types of students within their school setting. 

  • Measure team progress, determine and communicate a plan for areas for improvement. 

  • Quickly establish rapport with each team as a trusted resource to ensure buy-in. 

  • Facilitate/implement equitable incentive programs, including quarterly student celebrations, for On Track 4 Success grade levels. 

  • Build capacity of school staff to adopt the program and bake into school culture and procedures; goal of program is to train school teams to do this work on their own, without the support of United Way staff. 

  • Manage volunteer efforts that are aligned to our communities’ needs and interests in On Track 4 Success schools. 

Data Synthesis/Reporting 

  • Provide guidance to school staff on data collection, distillation and interpretation. 

  • Train school staff on intervention tracking and implementation. 

  • Support school staff in trend analysis and the application of those learnings to their development of and experimentation with various student interventions. 

  • Analyze aggregate program data on a regular basis for reporting and internal evaluation purposes. 

Build Network Among Partner Schools 

  • Work with other On Track 4 Success team members to build a learning network that will provide school staff an opportunity to share successes and challenges with one another. 

  • Prepare professional development sessions as part of network to share best practices and new findings. 

  • Focus a set number of network meetings on advancement between grade levels within schools and between schools for information sharing (ex. bring together 7th/8th and 9th grade teachers to discuss the skills needed for development in middle school to be successful in a particular high school setting, as well as intervention success – what school teams have seen work in the past). 


Bachelor’s degree and minimum of four years professional work experience; relevant coursework may count towards this experience. Experience working with data, including analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing to develop strategy, assess effectiveness of interventions, and communicate findings. Experience training adults (ideally in the education space). 

Successful applicant will: 

  • Possess a high level of organization and ability to juggle multiple schedules, schools, and stakeholders, while meeting fast-paced deadlines 

  • Be a dedicated team player, able to work well within a diverse group to co-create and collaborate on solutions to challenges  

  • Have experience in coaching and training adults; ideally in an education setting 

  • Demonstrate superior analytical skills and the ability to talk about data in layman’s terms 

  • Possess demonstrated computer skills (proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite - including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint - and particularly comfort working in Excel) 

  • Have the ability to quickly establish rapport and trust, both as a partner to our school teams/sites and school districts, as well as across UWCM departments  

  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills 

  • Ability to work independently as well as take direction 

  • Ability to embrace opportunities for growth and engage in professional development 

  • Be resourceful, adaptable and open to alternative solutions when interacting with others 

  • Have a deep sense of curiosity, knack for asking questions and a drive to discover answers  

  • Possess integrity and commitment to ethical conduct and UWCM’s mission 

  • Be bilingual (Spanish preferred) 

  • Ideally have: Previous teaching/school experience, familiarity with Baltimore neighborhoods and community challenges, and previous experience working in an under-resourced community 

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (sitting, standing, lifting, etc.): 

The majority of this work takes place at schools when they are in session, and may also take place in a virtual setting, with occasional meetings taking place offsite and at the United Way of Central Maryland main offices. While onsite at each school, the individual will walk and stand, and interact with personnel located in various parts of the school building. The hands are regularly used to write and type. The employee must frequently talk and listen. Tasks involving moving objects weighing up to 25 pounds can occur (i.e. supplies and donations, laptop computer, heavy files, computer terminals or other regular office equipment). Requirements may be modified to accommodate individuals with disabilities. 


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume via email to:

United Way of Central Maryland Attention: Human Resources 1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 340 Baltimore, MD 21230 Email: