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The Socio-emotional Program has two components. 


Please see the following descriptions:

Family Service Coordination

Family service coordination is provided by a licensed social worker who may supervise and receive support from graduate social work interns.

Either the Family Service Coordinator (FSC) or an Intern will help participants develop an individual/family goal plan after identifying strengths and needs with you.

Health and parent education are provided through one-on-one meetings and through prenatal and parenting groups and classes.

Counseling and resource referral are provided to participants, as needed.

Educational support and coordination are available to participants.

Student Services

Student socio-emotional supports and programming are available and provided by a licensed social worker who supervises and receives support from graduate social work interns.

Counselors, will develop an individual/family goal plan collaboratively with participants after identifying and discussing strengths and needs through psychosocial assessment.

Counseling (individual, group, family), crisis intervention, mediation and resource referral are provided, as needed.

·      Based on participant needs, the following is provided either directly or through referrals:

o   Social support

o   Social skills

o   Vocational skills

o   Community living skills

o   Educational support

o   Educational support and coordination


Program overview

Scope of Work:

·      Complete all related participant documentation and maintain Participant Files in accordance with program and CARF standards

·      Provide case management, mediation and crisis support to students

·      Facilitate and/or co-facilitate socio-emotional groups to students as needed

·      Provide resource/referral to students and their families

·      Provide consultation to administration and staff

·      Attend neighborhood and school meetings as needed

·      Provide clinical supervision and support to SE Clinician (if able) and/or interns (if applicable)

·      Support and reinforce neighborhood collaboration as needed


·      Complete the program intake packet

·      Complete psychosocial assessment (if trained)

·      Complete PHQ-9 or Edinburgh assessment (if trained)

·      Complete Goal Plan with participant, including ongoing updates

·      Complete case note for individual, group or family meetings with participant

·      Complete contact note for any contact made with participants or contact made on their behalf outside of face-to-face sessions (i.e. case related phone calls, related meetings, referrals, etc.)

·      Complete transfer/discharge summary when appropriate.

·      Complete supervision records for SE Clinician and/or intern supervision (if applicable)

Staff are mandated reporters and must report suspected abuse and neglect to CPS.  It is imperative that concerns regarding safety (suicidality, homicidality, abuse or neglect) be reported to the Supervisor immediately. 



Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume via email to:

United Way of Central Maryland 
Attention: Human Resources
1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 340 
Baltimore, MD 21230