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Ever wonder why some people just can’t get ahead? It’s about a lot more than the cost of a coffee shop latte or poor budgeting skills.

The 30|30 Experience is a powerful online, interactive session that reveals why so many hardworking people can’t make ends meet.



You’ll find out what it feels like to work hard—sometimes in more than one job—but still be unable to cover all your basic expenses.

In real-life scenarios, you’ll experience in 90 riveting minutes what day-to-day life is really like for the working poor as you navigate 30 days of difficult, often life-altering decisions by assuming the identity of a parent in a low-income household.

Whether the 30|30 Experience opens your eyes to the struggles others face—or affirms your lived experience—you’ll leave it better equipped to share with others the challenges and choices the working poor face every day.



Sample scenarios you’ll experience:

  • You want to move to a safer apartment, but you can’t afford the security deposit.
  • Your child is sick, but you can’t take time off work.
  • Your car breaks down, but your credit card is maxed out.

Find out just how difficult these decisions can be by participating in the 30|30 Experience.

Next open session: June 2023 TBD (90 minutes). 
Registration opening soon. 

Note: Registration limited to two participants per company/organization.






“You will interactively walk in the shoes of a head of family who is asset-limited, income-constrained, employed (ALICE) and the daily real-world decisions they make in a month. It was stressful and made me feel anxious at the end of the simulated month, but I have a greater appreciation of how resilient an ALICE family must be. It was very impactful, and I think you will get a lot out of the experience.” – United Way board member


"It was great because, for those who have never had to live this scenario – it can be an eye-opener and impactful to look at people living this real-life scenario – not to be so judgmental and give a better understanding that sometimes, no matter how hard you work and try, it still may never be enough.” – CareFirst employee



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The 30|30 Experience is currently available to workplaces or large groups. We will offer sessions for individuals throughout the year.




Workplaces, groups, and individuals can participate in the 30|30 Experience.

If you have lived or are living with limited assets, this experience may be triggering.